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<b> [ Chic + Fashionable + Artsy Lifestyle Products ] </b> <p> <p>Our Fashion label was born out of an idea about dressing women who desires beauty, style and elegance. The aim was to create and curate designs suited for busy lifestyles that are current, affordable and always well made. Empowering women by challenging conventions that Prim & Proper looks could never be chic! <p>In line with our goal of creation and curation of quality products, this <b> PRINTEROUS x ALL PRIM UP </b> collaboration is a dream come true! We are very ecstatic as this allows us to share our aesthetics and design philosophy to Fashionable People everywhere! <p>Please Help Us to spread the words if you love the products <3 Don't forget to tag Us @printerous & @allprimup! XoXo!We hope you'll enjoy the fruits of our Creative Labor! Well now, let's get All Prim Up! <p> Bisous & God Bless!

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